by Gracie Jane

Prompt: NONE. I made this up all by myself. ✨ So proud

Hey y’all! I’m back this week with a brand new story created from scratch! Please enjoy!

Wow, I am terrible at titling short stories. I’m brain dead right now, I have no idea why I called it that. 🤣

The wind seemed to scream at me as I ran, scrambling as I tried not to trip on pine cones and branches. My hair billowed out wildly as I uttered commands under my breath to my ironwood staff, which was currently shrunken. Waves of magic scattered in different directions as I sped through the forest, hoping I would be able to escape with my life.

I dared a quick glance behind me. My pursuer was gaining on me. I could tell by the sight of ripples in the air, marking my invisible foe. They didn’t seem to want to hide their movement as much as their appearance.

Too busied looking behind me, I unexpectedly fell over. I landed on my behind as something scuttled out from beneath me. Time seemed to slow down as I met the eyes of a strange creature resembling a hedgehog with a somewhat mystical feel. I noticed that its spikes actually weren’t spikes at all, just little puffs of fur with small crystals dotting it.

I wanted to look behind me and check in with my chaser’s position, but my eyes were locked with this majestic creature. It began to hurry on its way, and just as it was about to disappear into the bushes of the forest, it winked at me, bringing me back into reality. Time resumed its normal pace, except this time, I had a boost of energy.

My pursuer was behind me, running at a high speed. However, it seemed like they hadn’t moved at all while I had unlocked my eyes with that hedgehog thing.

I took a deep breath and muttered a spell, aiming in their direction with mini-staff. “Obisibo!” I said. A streak of bright white light erupted from the core of my staff, streaming towards my foe. It dimmed as the barrier took place, and I put on a slight smile as I watched the ripples of my pursuer collide with the invisible ripples of the barrier. I gathered my breath for a second, enjoying the moment, then took off again. The spell probably wouldn’t last for long!

My prediction was correct: It barely lasted a minute. The ripples were back at it again, moving speedily and expertly dodging objects on the path.

Suddenly, my chaser conjured a staff from thin air. That’s pretty advanced magic. At least I had a little advantage of being able to see where their arms were. The ripples paused a second, and I jogged, watching the staff shrink using the same charm I used on mine. Then, I watched as they make two downward lines and then a line streaking forward. Shoot, they used Rertev, a spell to increase speed. It was also a spell that I had yet to learn.

I circled my staff and cast it upwards, sending a streak of wind in my enemy’s direction. According to the boring textbooks I had read at school, casting Sutverse upwards would feel like an uppercut to the jaw. However, my foe conjured a quick barrier, so the gale just pounded the invisible barricade.

I sprinted, not looking behind myself. Turns out, that was a rookie mistake. I was hit in the back with a spell, causing me to be overwhelmed with despair. “I’m not going to survive this,” I thought. “There’s no way.”

A part of my brain was trying to counteract those thoughts though. “You’ll get home; You’ll see your friends, family, and come out of this with better experience than ever.” But the magic knew how to fight back, and it fought hard.

“You’ll never see anyone again, you’re a failure. Your skills are nothing; It’s time to give up. You should’ve surrendered forever ago, at least you had a chance for pity then. Now, your magic has failed all because of you.” My head was pounding hard. I took a deep breath and thought back to that hedgehog-like creature, remembering the beautiful crystals on its fur, the way it seemed like it was wise, how it was so… Otherworldly. I took another deep breath in, and flushed out all the bad thoughts.

I stood up, my opponent only a few yards away from me. My staff was now sprinkled with tiny gems, like the hedgehog. My ponytail swished outwards, and I realized my hair had the same unnatural effect as my staff. My arms seemed to know what to do; I cast a spell, aiming at my pursuer. I screamed, “Delipa!” Gems streamed out of my staff, hitting my enemy even as they put up a barrier. My hands moved for me again, and I shouted, “Cargemmis!” More gems streaked out of my staff, this time growing and creating a barrier around my invisible foe.

I took a deep intake a breath. Where had that power come from? It felt good, nonetheless. I walked over quickly and quietly to where the barrier lay, and I took out a simple strength test tool, designed to scan the power of a spell. I hold it over the barrier and swish it in a quick circle. A sparkly, small hologram appears above, showing the number 9.9/10. I remember the manual from school, saying that a 10 was physically and magically impossible, and only the most powerful types of magic could reach a 9, meaning that it would take a while to break.. However I had summoned up this magic, it was definitely very strong!

I grabbed a magically-enchanted camera set to never stop recording – Who says using magic absolutely rids technology from your life? – and set it up near the gem… Prison? Yeah, I’m not a murderer or anything like that! I took out a Weaker vial, full of a substance that can turn a physical spell – You guessed it – weaker. I poured a little less than half the bottle onto the gemstone barrier, and quickly took a strength test, which came out as a 5. Good, not deadly, should teach this person a lesson, and won’t last long enough for us to gather info on them using the camera.

I continued to walk down from where I had come from, casting a light Bantodia spell to keep away any unwanted creatures or spirits. I was lucky, because they don’t always work, but mine luckily kept me safe.

I placed cameras every ten yards, all enchanted to send footage to the research centers. I then ran back till I got out of the forest, but just as I was leaving… I thought I saw a flash of glittery hedgehog and a wink of an eye.

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