Regular Language Class… Right?

by Gracie Jane

The prompt is something about an alien language class. I found the prompt searching the Internet, ha.

This is last week’s post, sorry for slacking so badly. I’ll get a grip on this schedule soon. For now, please enjoy! Feedback means a lot to me, too. Hope you like it!

Alaima walks into her language class at Terristroman Galaxy Middle School (Which everyone called “Terri” for short) on her first day of middle school. She waves to her best friend from seventh grade (the final grade level in elementary school, consisting of children at age 700 up to 799 intergalactic years.), Corrilan, a bright pink cheerful girl-alien, waves back to Alaima, with her bouncy gelatin curls jumping up and down.

“Hey Corrilan! How’s middle school going for you?” Alaima whispers, plopping into an empty desk and gesturing Corrilan to sit beside her.

“I’m suffering in math on the first day! Sir Zelmom already has us starting on the rings theory. He acts like elementary teachers actually bothered teaching us that stuff. Other than that, my day’s been good! Where were you at lunch?” Corrilan asks, talking in a speedy manner that Alaima has always loved.

“I compared schedules and it looks like we have different lunchtimes. And it’s a real bummer too, because they don’t even have anything good! Could the school not just order meteorbread?” Alaima sighs, picturing the delicious space rock sandwich.

“I feel you!” Corrilan says, patting her heart in the nook of her neck.

“Boys and girls,” walks in a tall, navy blue, adult boy-alien. “I am Professor Hulparri and I will be teaching you all languages from the multiple galaxies under the Kibarlyn Treaty, which you all will supposedly be learning about in History this grade as well.

“In Languages this grade level, you will be taught the first twenty-five languages of the Kibarlyn, also known as the Main Languages of the Galaxies. In your syllabus paper that you will collect at the end of class, there is a list of the languages you will learn and what galaxy they are from. Other than the heavy focus on multiple languages as your intergalactic years fly by, we will be following the same rules as any other classroom. After this grade, you will not be required to take this course yearly, but will be encouraged to. Your grading scale will be on your syllabus paper. Any questions?”

“Why don’t we study human language?” one purple boy-alien in the back row.

“Humans have multiple languages, and they are not part of the Treaty, as they harm the natural land and are an extremely divided species overall, though I’m guessing you know the basics from the younger levels’ history classes,” Professor Hulparri states. “I’m not a history teacher however, so you can inquire with your true history teacher for things of this purpose.”

The students all buzz excitedly for a few minutes, talking about what languages they want to learn the most. Professor Hulparri smiles, pleased with his pupils’ interest.

“Students, look at the time! Quiet down!” he says. No one bothers to do so, so he presses a large black button, and all the sudden the room turns absolutely quiet, nothing being heard. Professor Hulparri waits a minute before pressing the button again, allowing sound to return.

“I don’t enjoy using that very often, but I will if I have to. Now, please pack your bags for dismissal,” he tells the class softly. The students stare at him with wide eyes, slowly grabbing their bags.

Corrilan, usually fast for words, is frozen with her lips tight. She finally reaches down and zips up her tareh, or satchel.

“That was so strange,” Alaima hisses through her teeth as she walks out the door with Corrilan.

“One second we were chatting, and the next there was… nothing. It’s not our fault we couldn’t hear!” Corrilan is back to her usual loud chitter-chatter.

“Ms. Corrilan, then I am afraid that you shall need sound amplifiers, no?” Professor Hulparri remarks sarcastically from his desk. He references the large, bulky accessories for aliens with hearing disorders.

“No sir, see you tomorrow,” Alaima says hurriedly before Corrilan can get herself in real trouble.

The class gushes out the door. Alaima and Corrilan talk excitedly with each other about the mysterious button.

“I’ve never heard of any alien tech like that! How much stardust do reckon it took to make?” Alaima says, who dreams of becoming an engineer for the Terristroman Galaxy.

“I think I’ve heard of them. They’re called Black Holes, though that’s just a nickname, and they’re not actually black holes, though very similar!. They’re extremely rare and cost a lot. They suck the sound out of the air when pressed, storing it inside of themselves until the button is pressed again. I don’t know how much stardust it uses, though,” Corrilan talks quickly.

“Cool! That’s strange,” Alaima says, already daydreaming about the tech.

A very small, hooded stranger walks up. Their upper body is hidden from view, and they appear to be a deep tan.

“If it’s strange for aliens, you have no idea how strange it is for me,” he says in a deep tone, unusual for alien-children.

“What do you mean?” Corrilan asks, puzzled.

He says nothing, instead pulling back his hood to expose a human face.

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