Half Upon a Time – Entrancing and Full of Twists

by Gracie Jane

In a fairytale world, Jack lives with his stubborn old grandfather who is always bugging him to go off and seek adventures (and princesses). Jack however, could not be less interested and is perfectly fine with his regular life in the village. Oh boy, he is totally not prepared for a princess to land right on his doorsteps…

All of the sudden, Jack and May the ‘punk princess’, as her royal t-shirt says, are on a crazy adventure trying to find May’s grandmother. Picking up a loyal prince on the way, the threesome search for May’s lost relative. Jack is stalked by Eyes of the Wicked Queen, and is even given the sword of one. May searches for her backstory and fights struggles trying to accept the blurry bits of her history she knows. And Phillip, the prince? Well, he’s just being his jolly Phillip self committing noble deeds.

Every chapter, you’ll find yourself laughing with the humor thrown in. Every twist, you’ll find yourself yearning for the good guys to win… If you can figure out who the good guys are.

“We’re not heroes. We’re not the noble princes who operate in the sunlight, winning the love of the people as we save lives and make it look easy. No, we do what needs to be done to survive. We steal from giants. We outwit our enemies, playing whatever card we can just to live. And we get the job done.”

Twice Upon a Time, sequel to Half Upon a Time, by James Riley.

I really enjoyed this book, even more than I enjoyed what I think is James Riley’s more popular series, Story Thieves. As I mentioned earlier, the twists are pretty terrific. I was not expecting the final twist of the first book at all… But you’ll have to read the book to catch my allusion ;).

I just finished the second book a few days ago, and I devoured it! Well, not literally, but… Let’s get back on track! I absolutely loved how James Riley took classic fairy tales and added some sort of spin on them. It made me so happy for some reason to read my favorite stories as a kid with a funny turn of events.

The backstories given to the characters are also very on point! I love how some are mysterious, and others seem straight-forward until later on. I love Jack’s backstory especially, *wink wink*. I also found the spin on the Little Mermaid tale delightful, with a great backstory to support it!

All in all, this was a very worthy read and I look forward to getting the third book soon! I definitely recommend this if you like fairy tales with a twist. Humor, crazy plot, great backstories, and so much more! What could be better?

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