Triplet Trouble

by Gracie Jane

Prompt: “Say cheese!” You push the camera button, hear the click, and… that’s when it all falls apart.

I’ll be posting my stories during the weekends now, not Fridays ha! Just FYI.

Yes, yes, I got a bit lazy at the end… I’m tired, I attempted a different tense (I usually write in present tense), and I feel like I need to write another book review again. I beg for your forgiveness 😉! Anyways, please enjoy!!

“Say cheese!” My parents smiled for me, the camera girl (Or as Dad calls me, the one who has practice after taking so many selfies). I pushed the button, heard the click and… then, everything fell apart.

Our nicely decorated home for spring pictures quickly is turned to a pig sty as the triplets, Sophia, Samuel, and Sebastian, came running through the living room with our black Great Dane dog, Sirius, at tailing them (Get it? Tail? That was corny, sorry). The triplets’ nice clothes were absolutely caked in mud! Pillows fly everywhere as the boys chased Sophia, jumping all over the furniture. Samuel bumps into Mom and Dad, causing Mom to be knocked back into the wall with a shriek.

Sirius plowed into Dad and started licking him like he’s a giant piece of meat! Sirius’s dirty paws leave marks all over Dad’s fine suit.

I screamed as Sebastian took a running leap onto the couch and flew over my head, tackling Sophia, who just kicked him in the crotch. Samuel threw a beer coaster at Sophia, barely missing her and slammed into the wall instead. Sophia kicked Samuel in the stomach for good measure, completely oblivious to the Nerf gun that Sebastian pulled out of his pocket and was now cocked at her head. Sebastian pulled the trigger, and Sophia let out a loud yelp. Sirius barked out the window crazily.

I’m frozen in shock, and took in our previously beautiful living room, now a muddy mayhem. The flowers laid on the ground with cracked vases, some older family photos hung on the wall were hanging by a nail, and trampled furniture items had dirty footprints all over them. My parents were also blank faced and the triplets are panting hard.

“We win!” Samuel dared to say. He pounded the air with his fist triumphantly. Sophia groaned, and Sebastian showed off a smug, handsome smile. I scooted backwards, not wanting to get caught into all the drama that was surely about to happen.

“To your room.. Now,” Dad said to the triplets. He looked at me. “Sarah, grab the broom.”

Phew! The yelling would be saved for later. I scurried away, grabbing the broom. A

I’m going to spare the excruciating details about what happened later… And believe it or not, I survived that day to live to tell the tale.

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