Hero or villain? Sneak peak

by Gracie Jane

New series coming up! Here’s a sneak peak. 😉

(Pronounced Thistle-end)

One hundred years ago, Thistlend

Hundreds of thirteen year olds gathered around the Governor’s Platform in Thistlend to hear what their leaders had to say. They gripped their parents and hugged them tight, wondering what the new law would be. The only clue that had been given would be that children would have to choose something big on their thirteenth birthday, and all of the current thirteen year olds would have to choose that thing today.

The wind whistled a shrewd sound, like a thousand needles about to attack a thread. The crowd shivered, but not because of the wind, but because of the Governors, who seemed to slip out of the cedar trees and quietly step onto the platform. The Governors’ seemingly soundless appearance seemed to have an effect on their audience, as all of the curious whispers were hushed, like a distinguished candle.

One Governor with curly brown hair and dark brown, almost black eyes, stepped forwards. All eyes turned to him, and a few Governors gulped, while others grinned smugly. He was one of the grinning ones.

He cleared his throat, and the town seemed to pause. He made eye contact with each of the thirteen year olds, newly made teens. It was hard not to be uncomfortable in the moment.

“We are making two new schools,” he said. A few parents clapped slowly, unsure if he was finished. He continued, “All students older and older than thirteen will stay at the current school. As more young children reach the specified age, they will move to one of the new schools. Your thirteen year olds and the children following them will move to a new school if they wish. If not, they will stay at the current school with the older students, and make little money with little purpose.”

The crowd tried to stifle their gasps. One angry father shouted, “And what is the reasoning behind this?”

“At the age of thirteen, children will decide their destiny, determining their future: Hero or Villain.”

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